Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Is there no end to the twisted nonsense spouted by opponents of the Coatham Links development?

Posted by Chris:

The opponents of the superb Coatham Links proposed leisure and housing development seem to have two methods of working.

The first is to be highly selective in what they hear and to spin conspiracy theories around their selections.

The other is they simply make it up.

It was recently announced that the bowling alley is moving to the building where the bingo hall was going. This is because the Council and the developers Persimmon Homes had listened to the views of residents and businesses and had decided not to proceed with the bingo hall. Instead it was agreed that the bowling alley would be sited in the building that was to house the bingo hall and thereby freeing up space in the new leisure centre for a state of the art dance and performance area.

Because it was announced that there would be no bingo hall, in the twisted logic of one of the protesters, this means there will be no bowling alley as well.

It has been pointed out over and over again that there is no public funding for the provision of the extreme sports facilities that are planned on the site, and never has been. Again it is a leap of twisted logic for the protesters to claim that means there can be no extreme sports. The existing leaseholder for that part of the site is responsible for that part of the development not the Council or Persimmon Homes. The development agreement has a fall back position to cover what happens if leaseholder fails to deliver.

There is £120,000 set aside to CPO the site so extreme sports can be delivered. Again the protesters twist this simple position of "the current leaseholder will do it but if they fail we take over," into something sinister that 'proves' it will not happen.

It has always been the case that at the beach near South Gare we have agreed advisory signs asking people not to walk there during the nesting season. Again this perfectly reasonable position, that we have always been open about, is twisted in the objectors minds to mean all activities are banned on the beach throughout Coatham.

We have pointed out many times that the visitor centre will be provided in the later phases of the development and at this stage all the grant funding needed to provide the facility cannot be confirmed because the grant providers do not agree funding until all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. To twist this into "there will no visitor centre" is nonsense.
The Coalition of Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and East Cleveland Independents that currently run the Council are determined that the Coatham Links scheme will be delivered in full and it is vital that we retain control in May because clearly it is the only way we can bring about the regeneration of Redcar.

You cannot argue with someone so besotted with conspiracy theories but we do try.

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