Thursday, 8 March 2007

Coalition Council plans to restore Marske Valley Gardens

Hundreds of residents in Marske are getting the chance to have their say in restoring the town's Valley Gardens to their former glories in a £200,000 investment scheme.

Groundwork South Tees, working in partnership with Redcar and Cleveland Council, begin door-to-door interviews at over 400 homes from the end of this month.

The Gardens, originally created to form a link between the beach and the town centre, were constructed in the 1930s, and now one of the main jobs will be to repair the 'vicar's trod' the main path originally used by the vicar and the monks to cross the Valley to St Germain's churchyard.

Other works are set to include improvements to the footpaths and boundaries as well as the reinstatement of some of the Gardens' original features.

The Friends of the Marske Valley Gardens, formed in August last year, are delighted at the initiative. Chairman Susannah Henderson said: "We are a new group who want to see the Valley Gardens restored and we are sure the people of Marske would like the chance to be involved."

Ian Moran, a community project officer for Groundwork South Tees, explained: "We are committed to a wide-ranging public consultation, starting with a blank canvas.

"We are aiming to have sketch proposals drawn up by May and then we will return to the homes to see if they're in agreement. Work is programmed to start in November and take two months."

The Council's Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Tourism Councillor Dave Fitzpatrick said: "We would be delighted to hear the views of local people. It's a wonderful opportunity for the public to get what they want - and can only open access to the Gardens and encourage tourism."

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