Monday, 8 June 2015

Strong opposition means no easy ride for Labour on Redcar and Cleveland Council

When the election result for Redcar and Cleveland Council was so close, the minor Groups were prepared to work in a rainbow alliance that reflected the way residents had voted.

Under this system cabinet positions would be proportionate to the number of seats won.

Labour rejected this proposal and were handed power for the next four years by the Eston Independent.

A rainbow alliance would have mitigated the Ed Miliband left wing leanings of many in the Labour Group.

To counteract this, the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and Independents have formed a Coalition opposition group and will work to ensure that policies fair to all of our residents are implemented and that extreme policies planned by Labour are strongly opposed.

We plan to be a strong opposition, which holds Labour to account and gives high importance to matters which will improve the quality of life for all residents and supports business in order to bring jobs and prosperity to our Borough.

The Shadow Cabinet portfolios will not exactly mirror Labour’s, as the Coalition believes that these should reflect the priorities of the Council: improving health, particularly of the disadvantaged; giving choice and control over their care to disabled and older people; increasing education and skills opportunities; and providing high quality environment services, as demanded by residents.

The Shadow Cabinet is:

Area of Responsibility


Shadow Leader of the Council

Valerie Halton

Corporate Resources

Glyn Nightingale

Public Health and Housing

Mary Ovens

Social Care and Wellbeing and
Shadow Deputy Leader

Josh Mason

Lifelong Learning

Steve Kay

Rural Affairs and Tourism

Graham Jeffery

Economic Development, Culture and Leisure

Philip Thomson


Chris Abbott

Community Safety

Stuart Smith

Highways, Planning and

Mary Lanigan

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