Sunday, 5 April 2015

Youth behaviour problems in the area between West Dyke Road and Roseberry Shopping Centre at Redcar

In response to numerous complaints from residents in the area between West Dyke Road and Roseberry Shopping Centre at Redcar. my daughter Kelly Seaman and Prospective Lib Dem MP for Redcar Josh Mason have been keeping local people informed of actions being taken to deal with nuisance problems and damage being caused by local youths.

We have also reported issues raised with us. and we have also sought to talk to the local youths and advise them about the various youth facilities that are available in the area.                                                                                                  
A couple of examples of incidents reported involved youths taking short cuts through a gate leading to the rear of Oxendale Road and Dovedale Court; damaged  damaged property and sheds being broken into in West Dyke Road, Ambleside Avenue and Westmorland Road; vulnerable residents being picked on and abused. We recently received a detailed response from Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council's Anti Social Behaviour Officer listing the interventions that have been implemented to address the problems and with the exception of a couple of items which refer indirectly to individuals I have posted it below:
  • A number of young people have been identified as being involved in antisocial behaviour and accordingly were issued with warning letters as part of the Acceptable Behaviour Campaign, this also involves being spoken to in front of their parents.    
  • A number of young people have been issued with Acceptable Behaviour Agreements.
  • Warnings in respect of acceptable behaviour for tenants have also been given to those that have Coast and Country tenancies.  
  • I can also confirm that some other actions continue to support intelligence and evidence gathering.  
  • Neighbourhood Policing Teams have stepped up patrols in the area and residents have been circulated with a questionnaire to support the intelligence gathering.
  • Negotiations are currently underway with our partners exploring possible “design out crime” initiatives.
  • The Police continue to use the new Dispersal Powers as and when required.  
  • The issues / concerns in this area are also the subject of a ‘Task and Finish Group’ that reports to the monthly, multi-agency Community Safety Group meetings.  These task and finish groups have proved successful in bringing together a range of agencies / partners to address the issues and identify both immediate and long term solutions / interventions.  This includes looking at diversionary activities as well as enforcement action.
  • The local youth and community centre 25k Centre is close by and this provides regular diversionary activities for young people.  In addition to this Roseberry Square was identified as one of the areas where young people may be interested in taking part in a new boxing scheme designed to get young people off the streets and in to the positive discipline of sport. 
  • I understand that some of the stolen property from the sheds has been recovered and that arrests were made.
  • The Local Authority are currently in the process of purchasing a mobile CCTV.  
  • Coast and Country are currently exploring the possibility of installing security systems to the communal doors of the flats on Roseberry Road.
  • The Antisocial Behaviour Officer and Targeted Youth Support are due to commence a 10 week Ambassador Programme at Redcar Academy.  Such Programme is aimed at those young people at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour.    

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