Friday, 20 February 2015

Lib Dems celebrate Ormesby housing decision

Redcar Constituency Liberal Democrats are celebrating this week following the rejection of intrusive housing plans at Longbank Farm, Ormesby.

The application for 320 houses received widespread objections from local residents, councillors and business and was refused during a planning meeting on Thursday.

Ian Swales MP commented:

“This is a great result for the residents of Ormesby and for local councillors Glyn and Irene Nightingale and Ann Wilson who have all worked extremely hard to ensure the plans weren’t approved.”

Ormesby Ward Cllr Glyn Nightingale and Cabinet Member for Corporate Resources said:

“Alongside our residents, we’ve worked hard to ensure the decision on this application was the right one. The housing plans were intrusive and the application should never have been considered.

“Irene, Ann and I are delighted with the decision.”

Deputy Leader of the council and prospective MP for the Redcar Constituency, Cllr Josh Mason said:

“I have been behind my colleagues and local residents 100%. Labour made some disastrous choices for housing developments in the borough and we’re now working as hard as we can to put this right.”

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