Friday, 25 July 2014

Ian Swales Hails Economic Recovery

Liberal Democrats have helped to restore the UK economy to pre-crash levels, figures released today show.

The UK economy has grown by 0.8% over the last quarter, ensuring that the UK economy has now returned to the same level it had before the banking crisis in 2008.

Commenting, MP for Redcar, Ian Swales said:

“Today is a big day for Britain. The rescue is working and Britain’s economy is the same size as it was before the crash. This is fantastic news for local people. Things continue to improve and good news keeps on coming.

“Delivering this recovery is why Liberal Democrats took the brave decision to enter coalition in 2010 and I am proud that we have helped rescue the British economy and get it growing at the fastest rate of any major economy.

“Our area has received over five times more government investment per year than under the previous government and I remain focussed on pushing for more and continuing to build a stronger economy and a fairer society for my constituents. Things are really on the up!”

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