Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lib Dems condemn Labour’s Local Plan

Councillor Glyn Nightingale (left) pictured with
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Councillor Chris Abbott (right).
Liberal Democrats in Redcar and Cleveland Borough have criticised the Labour Council for its poor consultation over its new Local Plan.
 The draft Local Plan includes over 1000 new houses at Marske and over 450 in Ormesby. Labour says that the area needs more houses, even though all the indications are that the population of the borough will continue to fall.
Lib Dems are particularly worried that the proposals will allow building on greenfield sites, increase the risk of flooding, and will massively increase traffic. This is why Lib Dems voted against the Local Plan at Council. It was passed only because of the casting vote of the Labour Mayor.
Lib Dem Council Group Leader Glyn Nightingale said:
“Those affected have not been told directly by the Council about houses being built near them. Instead people have found out through rumour and local newspapers that their lives may well be significantly changed by these developments.
“The Council has let people down by not thinking their plans through properly. These proposals will diminish people’s quality of life by increasing traffic and the risk of flooding.”
Lib Dem Housing Spokesperson Cllr Chris Abbott added:
“We have held a series of meetings with the Director of Regeneration aimed at scrutinising aspects of the Draft Local Plan that take away sections of school playing fields, areas that are prone to flooding and green fields in general.
“We have made it very clear that we do not support development on these sites and have called for new housing development on brownfield and clearance sites only. Sites prone to flooding should be avoided at all costs.”

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