Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It's not just George Dunning that's the problem - say Liberal Democrats

Responding to Redcar and Cleveland Council Leader George Dunning’s “I won’t resign” statement, the local Liberal Democrats believe the Labour party is making him a scapegoat for losing its Council majority.

Lib Dem Group Leader Glyn Nightingale said: “Labour’s internal squabbling and call for George Dunning’s resignation disguises what’s wrong with the way Labour run our area. George Dunning isn’t the problem. It’s the Labour party itself. He’s just their front man.

"Labour keeps wasting public money on schemes few people want like the vertical pier. They neglect essential work needed to make the area clean, green and tidy.

"Typical is the Labour’s decision – kept confidential – to sell of 88 Westgate to a pub chain. They put profit before community interest. Labour councillors could have defied the Labour whip and joined Lib Dems and others to stop the sell off. But for Labour councillors keeping the whip beats the public interest. It’s the way they are.

“On top of all this, Labour is launching yet another reorganisation of the Council’s administration. There’s no guarantee top heavy management will end.

“And just as bad, Labour wants to change the way the Council is run to give even more power to Councillor Dunning and his Cabinet. All this while being a minority in Council.

 “Local people need a Council that represents their needs, listens to what the public say and stops wasting their money. It’s time to get the basics right.”

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