Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lib Dem slams erection of "bonkers" ward boundary sign in Redcar:

A Liberal Democrat Councillor has branded an expensive boundary sign for a Council Ward as bonkers, and a shocking waste of public money:

Councillor Chris Abbott as hit out at the erection of a Millstone wheel, with a Kirkleatham Ward sign attached it, at the junction of West Dyke Road and Kirkleatham Lane.

Councillor Abbott (pictured at the sign) said:

“Council Wards are not places to be marked by boundary signs. They are there for electoral and demographic purposes only. They are subject to change every ten years. Spending money on installing expensive millstone wheels is a shocking waste of public money.” Where will it end? There are enough signs as it is without starting to mark council ward boundaries as well.

“There are 22 wards in the Borough and the names often don’t match the area they cover. Kirkleatham Ward does not actually include Kirkleatham village and my Ward Newcomen is the name of a former landowner not a place.

“The sign should be removed at once. It is totally bonkers. It is as if they are ashamed of Redcar and want to rename the town. It will only cause confusion.”

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Maggie Gee said...

So the Labour Councillors are ashamed to let people know they are in Redcar, could this be because they (that is the Labour Council) have ruined the town with their half-assed ideas and so called 'improvements'. Now even they are turning on their leader and want him out due to his unpopular decisions, but he says he is to stay - so much for democracy. !