Monday, 10 December 2012

Redcar Lib Dems campaign for recognition of local hero

Liberal Democrats in Zetland Ward are campaigning to get a plaque erected in a local park to honour a local hero - Redcar's Sir Rex Hunt.
Born in the town's Laburnum Road in 1921, Rex Hunt joined the RAF near the end of World War Two flying spitfires in India. After serving his country in Uganda, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Vietnam, he found fame as Governor of the Falkland Islands during the 1982 Argentinian invasion and the war that followed.
He was knighted in 1982 and continued as Governor after the war until 1985. He later returned to the north-east, living near Stockton until his death on November 11th 2012.
Local Councillor Ron Harrison said:
"Rex Hunt's service to Britain over a period of more than 40 years including WW2 & the Falklands War, during which he displayed cool diplomatic skill and great courage before being taken prisoner, make him one of Redcar's heroes."
"Now that he is gone, we are determined that his name will live on in his home town. We are therefore looking to get some sort of plaque or other memorial built in one of Zetland Ward’s parks in his honour."
Councillor Josh Mason added:
“It’s really important that we remember those who have contributed to Redcar’s rich history and culture. And provide a lasting monument to local heroes, past and present.”

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