Monday, 20 August 2012

Massive backing for Recycling Pilot – 91% support for third bin

An overwhelming 91% are in favour of Redcar & Cleveland Council’s pilot using three bins, according to the local Liberal Democrats’ survey in Nunthorpe.

But residents, by more than four to one, would oppose being charged £20 by the council for the third bin. In addition, eight out of 10 residents say they would not be prepared to have a plastic bag for green waste which has been piloted in part of Guisborough.
The pilot involved using one bin for refuse, one for green waste and the third for recycling materials. 
The local Lib Dem Team thanks those who responded to the doorstep survey or by post - that’s nearly 150 households.
Typical comments from residents included...
“...a much more convenient way to recycle. Having one bin eliminates the hassle...”
“Excellent - one bin for all the recycling - much easier”
“Very Good, should be a permanent feature.”
“Much better idea - cleaner, tidier and much more convenient.”
“...the pilot scheme is good, because when the weather is inclement the paper isn’t exposed and the bottles and cardboard box don’t fill with water and leaves.”
“The more recycling that is done in any town the better for the environment.”
“I like the multi-bin - it saves time having to separate items. I also like a bin for green waste because the bags would be heavy and split easily.”
Only two people were openly hostile to the extra bin. Those who opposed the idea were concerned about insufficient storage space or the unsightly appearance of bins outside their homes.
Liberal Democrat Group Leader and ward councillor Glyn Nightingale commented:
“The Lib Dems believe recycling is absolutely vital. We are extremely pleased that residents were so positive about the pilot scheme in Nunthorpe. Their co-operation is crucial to making recycling a success.
"But it is clear from our survey that residents are far less willing to pay to help the Council with recycling, if the Labour council tries to extend its current charging policy from plastic bags to the third bin or to use plastic bags for green waste.”
"Overall, I welcome the Council’s decision to extend the pilot scheme used in Nunthorpe."

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