Friday, 2 March 2012

Cleveland Police Authority rejects Government offer of £960,000 grant to freeze Council Tax this year

I would hardly call the Northern Echo's report of the Cleveland Police Authority precept decision yesterday a fair and balanced report of the meeting.

Where is the reference to the £960,000 grant the Authority would have received had it opted for the freeze option? That is the equivalent of a 3% increase in Council Tax. Surely Council Tax payers are entitled to know they are now going to be paying £1,120,000 extra in Council Tax this year when they could have saved that 3.5% increase and received £960,000 in Government grant funding. 

The concern was that this grant may not be available next year but that is no reason not to accept it this year. I reject the claim of the acting Chief Constable that she could not manage on anything less than a 3.5% increase.

I spoke in favour of the Council Tax freeze at the meeting and voted against the 3.5% increase.

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