Thursday, 13 October 2011

Local Labour Councillor gets Labour MPs into bother

A local Labour Councillor's petty complaint about Ian Swales MP having a party logo on a Government funded website led 19 other MPs into bother. 8 of them were Labour, of which 2 were Labour Co-op. Two of them were from the north east and not new MPs either.

The second Ian realised that a mistake had been made by the provider of the site he paid the small amount of money back and has claimed nothing at all for the site. Yet at every opportunity local Labour activists have abused him about it  in leaflet after leaflet, even accusing him of stealing money from taxpayers.

They say nothing about all the former Labour MPs now languishing in jail for massive MP expenses fraud, nor do they mention the hundreds of pounds former Redcar MP Vera Baird tried to claim for Christmas decorations or the thousands she claimed for repairs to her Redcar home and then refused to pay it back after the property was sold.

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