Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ian Swales secures crucial meeting with the Government and Corus buyers SSI

A crucial meeting between Corus buyers Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) and the Government has been secured by local MP Ian Swales.

Ian was concerned by a report from the Energy Intensive Users Group that suggested that green taxes could force industries that use a lot of energy - such as steel production - to move abroad. 

In the House of Commons today Ian Swales asked Climate Change Minister Gregory Barker to consider the international competitiveness of UK-based energy intensive industries. He also asked if the Minister would meet with SSI to discuss future carbon and energy policy and its impact on high-energy industries.

The Minister assured Mr. Swales that he would be happy to meet with him and SSI to discuss these issues.

Ian Swales commented, “It is vital that green taxes do not send energy intensive industries abroad. It’s energy inefficiency - not energy intensity - that should be taxed.

 “Everyone in the area knows how important it is for the steel plant to re-open to create hundreds of jobs for local people. The Minister’s agreement to meet with SSI and myself will help to make sure that happens.”

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