Friday, 22 October 2010

Jobcentre communication not acceptable – Ian Swales

Local Liberal Democrat MP Ian Swales has been contacted by concerned residents about the need for a local number to contact Redcar Jobcentre.  After investigating, it appears that the 0845 number not only charges people 4p per minute, there is no alternative local number. 

The website has local numbers for both Middlesbrough and Guisborough Jobcentre, but there is no such number for Redcar Jobcentre. 

Ian said: ‘This is a disgrace.  Not only do I have constituents who are trying to contact the Jobcentre as asked, they are also being made to wait for 30 minutes or more on a line that is costing them money.  Anyone contacting the Jobcentre is likely to be short of money. 
‘’I am calling on all local jobcentres to publicise their local numbers.’’

 ‘’In difficult times like this we should be helping people save money, not making it hard for them.  The Jobcentre is a lifeline to for some people and easy access is essential.  I will be speaking to Redcar Jobcentre, and will ask them to provide a local number for my constituents’’.

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