Friday, 6 August 2010

Ian Swales calls for democratic consultation process on Redcar viewing tower

Ian Swales MP has received numerous complaints about the proposed 80' viewing tower on Redcar seafront. He is calling for the Council to have a clear and transparent consultation process with local people so that the real balance of views is known.
Ian said, "I have had adverse comments about the viewing tower by phone, email, letter, on my pier campaign website and from residents in the street. I know that some residents are mounting successful petitions and there are regular letters in the newspapers. I recently received a sheaf of letters from the Coastal View newspaper and the Council Area Committee meeting last Wednesday was also highly charged. It's hard to think of a proposed change that has produced so much adverse criticism with so little positive support.
In my new role I am constantly trying to work constructively with the Council and have so far kept private my discussions with them over this. However the Chief Executive, Head of Regeneration and Council Leader know about my concerns. I have been critical of using the term "vertical pier" which I think inflames the many residents who want to see a proper pier again in Redcar. I am also concerned about what activity will take place in the tower, whether it is appropriate for THE prime sea front location inthe town and whether it will be sustainable.
The recent consultation process appeared to only allow positive comments and few of those attending made any comment at all. I am calling on the Council to carry out a simple exercise to gauge overall public support for the scheme. If it is shown that the protesters are indeed a small, but vocal, minority as the Council claim this will be shown clearly. Either way democracy should prevail so that the town can move forward positively in the agreed direction.


russthered said...

Bearing in mind all but £5M for the development came from Environment Agency, how do you see a traditional pier being funded? There is no private investment.

Are you standing by your £3M price tag? Mr Swales has been very reluctant it seems to speak on it.

While I'm not a great fan of the Tower, I would prefer to see the bandstand relocated there, I will say that it is better than putting nothing there especially when financed by central government. As long as don't we sell it again, we can always demolish it again if it doesn't work out.

Anonymous said...

When will the people of this borough finally wake up to the level of ignorant, arrogant condescension with which RCBC undertake the decision-making and 'consultation' processes?

What's the slogan?

Your borough, your council, listening to you?

1984 anyone? Newspeak?

Just because it's said, doesn't make it so.