Monday, 15 February 2010

Liberal Democrats launch plans to tackle high street crisis

Liberal Democrats in Redcar constituency have set out plans to revitalise local high streets, protect the future of the Post Office, and help small businesses establish and grow in a fairer marketplace.

The announcement comes as research shows that more than one in six Teesside shops is now empty after the recession. Middlesbrough and Stockton are amongst the worst hit centres in the country.

Ian Swales, prospective MP for Redcar constituency said.

“Even before the credit crunch hit, independent shops were disappearing fast from our local shopping centres. Things will only get worse if Corus TCP closes.

“The Government’s skewed planning system has seen supermarket giants squeeze the life out of towns like ours and now all our high streets have the same mix of charity shops and chain stores.

“We need thriving high streets in our area, with real character that allow local businesses to survive and grow.

“The financial crisis has exposed Labour and the Conservatives’ folly of being entirely dependent on the City of London. The Liberal Democrats understand that it will be small businesses and manufacturing that are key to building a healthy and balanced economy.”

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