Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ian Swales on the Politics Show

Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Redcar, Ian Swales, has appeared on the BBC Politics Show criticising the new Regional Grand Committee. The Committee met in Middlesbrough last Friday and is an attempt to bring Parliament out of Westminster into the regions.

Ian said:
"It was an interesting bit of theatre but contributed little to the Government of the region. The fact that only 14 of the regions 30 MP's bothered to turn up shows that it is already low in their priorities right from the start.

"The Committee also shows the absurdity of the first past the post electoral system. Full attendance would have seen 28 Labour MP's and just 1 Liberal Democrat and 1 Conservative at the Committee. The recent European elections were held under a fair voting system and the region returned 1 Labour, I Conservative and 1 Liberal Democrat to Brussels.

"Finally I would question the wisdom of adding to the cost of running Parliament and taking a large number of police away from their normal duties. When so many of our local front line services such as social workers, neighbourhood police and the probation service are making cutbacks it seems insensitive to bring this show into town."

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