Monday, 11 May 2009

"Fight harder for the economic regeneration of our area" - Ian Swales

Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesman for Redcar Ian Swales is urging the Government to do everything it can to generate new jobs in the area following the Corus announcement.

He said: “I really hope the closure of Corus can be stopped or delayed but the steel industry on Teesside has been in decline for many years. We need a more diversified economy to cope with changes. The Government could do a lot to improve prospects for local people. They have been promising for years to move well paid civil service jobs to the area

"The need has never been greater than now. It was also disappointing to see Hitachi looking at sites in Gateshead last week for a new factory building train rolling stock. There would be ample space for such a facility here on Teesside and the skilled work force to make it happen. Once again Tyneside seems to dominate wherever One North East is concerned

"I hope our local politicians will now fight harder for the economic regeneration of our area. They should also press for Corus to start the environmental restoration of their huge site. This will be a big undertaking and would itself generate a number of jobs.”

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