Thursday, 1 May 2008

Leeds lose appeal - now let's get on and win the play-offs

Leeds United have lost their appeal against the deduction of 15 points. Three reasons given by the arbitration panel are bizarre.

* United agreed in writing to the 15-point decision.
* took too long to get around to the arbitration
* it would be unfair to the other clubs pushing for promotion to give Leeds the points back at this late stage.

United had no choice but to agree. They would have been out of the League if they hadn't signed. They have been arguing since 30th August for an appeal and did everything they could to get to this stage. The other clubs have benefitted from this unfair and as yet unjustified penalty placed on the Mighty Whites.

If a team other than Leeds gets promoted it will be without really earning it. Our job now is to make sure United win through. It's us against them and that is the best possible incentive for Leeds to get through the play-offs.

If Swansea take the Championship trophy without beating Leeds on points then they cannot in all fairness take real credit for their achievement. If the Swans get three points tomorrow or if Leeds don't win against the Gills then Swansea deserve the title and good luck to them.

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