Friday, 4 January 2008

Recycling News

Redcar & Cleveland Council's new Waste & Recycling Calendar 2008/2009 together with a roll of clear plastic bags will be delivered to all households during January.

Programme of deliveries:

Zone 1 w/c 7th January
Zone 2 w/c 14th January
Zone 3 w/c 21st January
Zone 4 w/c 28th January

Each household will be provided with a roll of 30 clear plastic bags, these bags are for the purpose of recycling cardboard and plastic.

Hessian sacks are to be replaced with clear plastic bags – this is due to the high number of reported lost hessian sacks and the problems experienced with windblown litter. Due to the light weight of the bag and its content and the difficulty in securing the content, the plastic bottles and cardboard often end up strewn across the street which has a negative impact on the local environment.

In addition to this the council have to commit extra resources to remove the litter. The clear bags have been trialled with a number of households and proved to be very successful - the overall satisfaction rate was 92%. Residents who are still in possession of a hessian sack can continue to use it, however if the sack is lost/missing then they need to start using the clear plastic bags as the hessian sack will not be replaced.

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