Friday, 6 October 2006

Persimmon Homes Refutes Flood Risk Rumours at Coatham Links

The following is a statement from Persimmon Homes, Redcar & Cleveland Council's partners in the Coatham Links Development:

Persimmon Homes is in the process of addressing a recent objection raised by the Environment Agency regarding flooding risks at the proposed Coatham Links development, with a new onsite flood risk assessment designed to address the recently updated Environment Agency guidelines on flood prevention.

Concerns have been raised by the Environment Agency regarding a heightened flood risk posed to housing and leisure facilities at the proposed £80m Coatham Links development. The site is subject to an extensive planning application from Persimmon Homes currently under review by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council and subject to extensive environmental assessments and a full site investigation report.

The Environment Agency registered a holding objection to the planning application for Coatham Links due to a perceived flood risk at the seafront development. Following liaison with the Environment Agency, Persimmon Homes are confident they can satisfy any concerns regarding provision against potential flooding on site.

Persimmon Homes carried out initial flood risk assessments at Coatham Links on advice given by the Environment Agency, relating specifically to the area of Redcar. The Environment Agency is currently updating this advice and consequently Persimmon Homes will be modifying the flood risk assessment for the Coatham Links site to meet with all current Environment Agency recommendations.

Persimmon Homes regional projects director, Peter Jordan, said:

“Prior to the planning application being submitted, all guiding principles available on flood risk assessment were taken into account in devising appropriate strategies to deal with any flood threat onsite. Consequently, we agreed to raise the level of the site to an appropriate height to be capable of dealing with any potential flood risk. This is a normal procedure at any development site located close to a large water source.

“Under proposed new guidelines to be issued by the Environment Agency for this area of Redcar, the renewed flood risk assessment may require slight amendments to the raised levels along with other works to cope with any flood potential. In light of this, Persimmon Homes is acting on the potential concerns of the Environment Agency and will be modifying plans accordingly to the satisfaction of all available guidelines.”

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