Monday, 8 May 2006

Super Leeds

Posted by Chris

What a night for Leeds United! What a match! What superb support from the fans! They drowned out the commentator the whole match long. I have not enjoyed a match so much for two or three years.

Leeds were brilliant. They never stopped trying and it all came good in the end. It will be a real miracle if we get back in the Premiership this time, after coming so close to going out of business such a short time ago. If they play in Cardiff with the same determination as they did tonight they can beat anyone.


Tony Ferguson said...

Brilliant another Lib Dem Leeds fan. What a great result. My nerves were shredded all day and throughout most of the game, the only calm period being between the second goal and the first sending off!. It wasn't you parked in The Peacock with the Lib Dem sticker on the car on Friday night was it?

For it's Leeds United,
Leeds United FC
We're the greatest team in football
The world has ever seen

Joe Taylor said...

Didn't they finish that match with 9 men and break a Preston player's leg?

That's determination all right... :P

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

Not me Tony, in the Peacock.

Come on you whites!

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

I hope it turns out not to be a broken leg Joe.

The ref was clearly playing for Preston:-)

He was clearly out of his depth. I have never seen a match when the linesmen had to come on the pitch so many times to put the referee right.