Monday, 3 April 2006

Asbestos fear following vandalism of bungalows

Stuart Marshall a Council Emergency Planning Officer has issued the following warning:

"Bungalows due for demolition on the Lakes Estate were broken into and vandalised over the weekend. The buildings contain asbestos which was exposed during the incident, it is believed that those present in the building during the vandalism would have been exposed to asbestos fibres.

"The health impact is believed to be limited, however following advice from health organisations, Coast and Country Housing intend to publish a press statement asking for those responsible to come forward.

"This will allow Coast and Country to:

- Dispose of clothing containing asbestos in a safe manner
- Give guidance to those exposed to the asbestos

"Coast and Country may make the offer of air monitoring in those residents houses who are directly affected as a means of providing reassurance. There are believed to be no health issues to third parties such as relatives.

"Given that the estate contains a number of houses of similar construction, Coast and Country intend issuing information on asbestos to all residents, this may give rise to some concerns. All queries should be directed towards the Coast and Country 01642 471300."

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