Sunday, 5 February 2006

Lib Dem Leadership Election

Posted by Glynis

Having previously threatened to spoil my ballot paper, by adding Charles Kennedy. I have since watched events unfold.

I always thought Ming was too old, even before his statement that he was a "bridge to the future" and is likely to stand down for another after the election, thereby creating continuous speculation.

Chris Huhne did not come into the equation.

I always thought Simon Hughes was what he lately admitted to - good on you Simon - you have my vote, good luck. It was nice to speak to him and I have invited him to pop in for a coffee if he in the Redcar area.

It was good to see Stan Wilson at the Leeds Hustings. Stan, who was recently awarded life membership of the Liberal Democrat Conference, after twenty years acting as a Steward, automatically took charge of people looking for a seat at the packed Hustings, in Leeds Civic Hall and guided them to the balconies.

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