Thursday, 19 January 2006

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Posted by Chris

We start this bog at an interesting time for Lib Dems. We were as shocked as anyone about the way Charles Kennedy was encouraged to resign as leader of the Party, but life goes on. We are enjoying watching and in a small way participating in the campaign for the leadership.

I have been doing a private blog for local Lib Dem members, here in Redcar and discussing the merits of each candidate and the events as they happen. It was clear that, in spite of the everything, members were fiercely loyal to Charles and were comfortable with the progress we had made under him.

At the last General election we moved into second place in Redcar constituency for the first time ever and since 2003 we have been the largest group in the Coalition that is successfully running Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council. More about that in future postings.

Glynis and I have not yet declared our support for one candidate yet. Last time I supported Simon Hughes and Glynis supported Charles. The reason we have not made our minds up yet is because we were hoping that Harrogate MP Phil Willis would chuck his hat into the ring. It is looking unlikely but the closing date for nominations is 25th January and we live in hope.

The three contenders so far - thank you Mark Oaten, who has stepped down today, for ensuring that there was a contest - would all make excellent leaders. We know little about Chris Huhne and want to find out more about him. He has certainly impressed so far but I felt his speech at the LSE was delivered in monotone. I am sure that he has what it takes but, in my humble opinion, he needs to show more passion.

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